Ways to Give

Personal gifts play a meaningful role at the Colorado Springs Brass, supporting its current needs as well as its future.

• Significant Gifts for Special Projects

• Gifts in Support of Ongoing Needs

These all help the CSBrass maintain a high caliber as a world-class Brass Ensemble.


Significant Gifts For Special Projects

You can make a real difference in the life of the Brass Ensemble by making a significant gift in support of a special project. Many of the musically-rewarding projects, longer-term developments and cultural outreach programs that the CSBrass will carry out rely on extra support and funding from generous CSBrass supporters.

Some significant funding opportunities for your consideration include:

  • Commissioning of new works
  • Musical arrangements for specialized music projects
  • Sponsorship of a private concert

We welcome the chance to speak with you about your interests and how you can partner with the CSBrass to help achieve our vision.


Support For Ongoing CSB Needs

Donors of the Arts may have a particular interest at the CSBrass and want their gifts to fund these areas. We are glad to speak with you about your goals and how we can use your gift in a way that meets your preferences while supporting the CSBrass events.

Three popular choices with current donors and our supporters build a unique relationship with musicians:

  • Fund a CSBrass Musician’s Chair or Instrumental Section

Funding a CSBrass Chair – or even an entire instrumental section – is a rewarding way to develop a closer relationship with our musicians. It enables you to be connected to one of the positions in the brass ensemble that has personal meaning to you; if trumpet or french horn is your passion, or someone dear to you loved a particular instrument, then you can fund that Chair or Section as a special memento listed in our concert program with a dedication of your choosing. It is a hugely satisfying (and much needed) way of contributing to the Colorado Springs Brass’ music-making. We invite supporters to fund a 2014-2015 CSB Chair at $400.00 per year, or a CSB Section at $800.00 – $2400, depending on section size.
For more details call  719.800.1016 or e-mail us: coloradospringsbrass@gmail.com

  • Sponsor and Select a Piece of Music

This is an opportunity to hear a favorite composition in one of the CSBrass concerts.  Sponsorship of a select piece from a list of striking brass arrangements will let you direct the sound of the CSB while also seeing your name listed as the sponsor of that selection, as well as a dedication of your choosing.   This support option begins with a $300 donation.
For more details call  719.800.1016 or e-mail us: coloradospringsbrass@gmail.com

Or, if you have a piece in mind that is not currently available as a published full brass arrangement,  the CSB will commission an arrangement with a donation of $1500 or above, depending on the scope of the composition.
For more details call  719.800.1016 or e-mail us: coloradospringsbrass@gmail.com

  • Sponsorship of a CSBrass Concert or Venue

Sponsorship by an individual or business partner of a Colorado Springs Brass Concert on our regular schedule is a significant way to support our organization, as well as an opportunity for increased profile (if desired) of the donor or business.  Regular concert sponsorship is available for a donation of $2000.

Sponsorship of a regular concert venue is also available, for a donation equivalent to the expense of securing the venue, or donation of the venue itself.

  • Single or Recurring Donations

Platinum Circle Donations ($500+), Gold Circle Donations ($201-$499), Silver Circle Donations ($100-$199), and Brass Circle Donations ($25-$99) can be chosen as Single or Recurring (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) on our Make Donation page.   All donors will be acknowledged in our performance programs.


Please consider how you can make a cultural contribution to the Colorado Springs area through sponsorship of the Colorado Springs Brass!