Why We Need You

Help us play for you!

The Colorado Springs Brass represents the newest pinnacle of brass performance in Colorado Springs.

But the cost of operating and establishing a world-class brass ensemble is challenging during the beginning stages, meaning that CSBrass needs to find additional sources of revenue in order to sustain and develop our current activities and caliber.

Several local patrons of the arts are funding the CSB for our current concert, through which we are looking to increase these funds for our future concerts and many other cultural and outreach activities.

Ticket sales provide significant income, but we don’t want ticket prices to be a barrier for our audience, as we believe that great music should be available to as many of our citizens as possible.

The CSB offers various tax-deductible ways to help sustain our excellence and keep moving forward with live music and great performances.

For a description of these opportunities to support us, please see our Ways of Giving page.

All donations in support of the Colorado Springs Brass are administered through the Village Arts of Colorado Springs, LLC  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.